Optimized Legal Solutions

Helping lawyers and businesses make winning litigation decisions from the ground up with tailored analyses including:

  • Forecasting litigation outcomes

  • Anticipating litigation timetables

  • Estimating potential settlement amounts

  • Gauging trial and appellate judges' potential decisions

  • Benchmarking lawyers' and firms' strengths and weaknesses

  • Locating possible cases or clients in specific case areas

  • Assembling portfolios to present statistics to clients (and potential clients) showcasing attorneys' and firms' successes

  • Working with attorneys and firms to develop specific litigation strategies and to anticipate those from opposing parties

  • Engaging with businesses to help choose ideal counsel for particular scenarios and needs

The extent of litigation in the U.S. is staggering


Civil and criminal court filings in U.S. District Courts in 2017.


Total filings in U.S. federal courts of appeal in 2017


Authorized Article III judgeships in U.S. federal courts.

Over 1,680

Judges in California state superior courts alone.

With so much at stake in every legal dispute and so many parameters affecting legal outcomes, Optimized Legal Solutions uses data analytics to help lawyers navigate through the morass of U.S. Courts in order tailor choices based on the client, court, judge, opposing counsel, and any and all other decisional factors. 

Using cutting edge methods:

Legal practices often have vast amounts of unsorted data.  This data can be in a variety of forms ranging from text to more discrete objects and information.  Optimized Legal can help you realize the potential of this data so you can make more informed decisions.


This is an example of an original dataset that tracks multiple aspects of judges decisions including the factors that lead them to vote one way or another in certain cases

Described by Peter Tilden on 790AM Radio in Los Angeles as "Moneyball for Lawyers"

Empirical SCOTUS

(a blog by the creator of Optimized Legal)